June 2012 Meeting
Monday, March 12, 2012 at 9:57PM
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The Bite MarketKen Hively/Los Angeles TImes

Tour Bite Market in Orange!

Guest Speaker: Bridget Reilly

Topic: Sustainable Foods

Description: SBLC is delighted to take all of you on our third tour. This month we’re going to Bite Market in the quant surroundings of Old Town Orange. Bridget Reilly will be sharing with us how she created her business of bringing gluten-free delights to the growing number of people that are having adverse reactions to foods containing gluten. She will be opening our eyes to why gluten avoidance is important to everyone, not just those diagnosed with Celiac.

Planting, maintaining and expanding a completely new food category during a still challenging economic environment tells us something about the growing consumer market of people seeking local and sustainable products.

So come out, bring your friends that you suspect might need to hear about this and expand your understanding of the business of sustainable foods.

Bridget Reilly

Speaker Bio: Bridget spent years suffering from constant allergies, fatigue, hives, headaches and stomachaches. With the help of her doctor, she discovered she was sensitive to gluten and dairy resulting in a drastic change in her diet and eating habits.

Soon after, Bridget discovered the real challenge, finding great tasting gluten-free and dairy-free foods. Every week Bridget would explore at least 4 different stores, driving all across the county to find foods she and her son could eat. After 5 years of shopping, Bridget became an expert in gluten-free and dairy-free foods.

Armed with her knowledge, Bridget created The BIte Market, a “safe” store where everyone could shop for gluten-free and dairy-free foods. No more reading every label and ingredient list. No more wasting money on awful flavors. To complete her store, Bridget added staples such as rice, beans, locally grown produce, and environmentally friendly home products to save her customers time and money, while being considerate of the planet.

Come meet others interested in going green at SBLC's monthly meeting. Open to anyone interested in going green!

Share with business owners, executives, and other regional leaders what you do that is eco-friendly. Even if you do not do anything "Green" and just want to learn; you are welcome to join us.

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