July Meeting
Monday, July 2, 2012 at 11:38PM
Andrew Rea
Minglie Cheng & Tyler Smutz

Real sustainable furniture – going beyond reclaimed and vintage.

Guest Speaker: Tyler Smutz and Minglie Chen, Killstress Designs

Topic: Sustainable Furniture

Date & TIme: Tuesday, July 10, 2012 @ 6:30 pm

Description: SBLC takes you on a fascinating tour to Killstress Designs this month. Killstress Designs features fine modern furniture and custom builds by master craftsman Tyler Smutz. Owned and operated by Tyler Smutz and Minglie Chen, Killstress is a design studio and fully independent fabrication shop where clients get to experience what it’s like to be involved with the entire process of how furniture is made, from concept to locally sourcing raw materials, to fabricating beautiful objects meant to be used and passed down for generations.

It’s not just about owning something “vintage” or doing things the old-fashioned way; a finely-made object bucks all trends. A well-crafted piece has intrinsic value because it is a joy to use now and, in due time, will gain its own history. It’s also important to nurture a direct relationship between those who Produce and those who Receive in order to truly understand and live responsibly with many of the modern comforts that surround us.

Tyler and Minglie belong to a new generation of makers and Killstress Designs is their way of creating a sustainable future.

Speaker Bio: Bridget spent years suffering from constant allergies, fatigue, hives, headaches and stomachaches. With the help of her doctor, she discovered she was sensitive to gluten and dairy resulting in a drastic change in her diet and eating habits.

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