August Meeting
Friday, August 10, 2012 at 1:18PM
Andrew Rea

How to keep your business costs down when water scarcity is driving costs up.

Guest Speaker: Water Wizard, Joe Geever, Surfrider Foundation (Bio)

Topic: What’s your business’ water ROI.

Date & TIme: Tuesday, August 14, 2012 @ 6:30 pm

Joe Geever, Surfrider FoundationJoe Geever

Description: There is no doubt that the price of water is going up, and will continue to climb. Joe will tap Surfrider’s “Know Your H2O” program and launch a discussion pivoting on this idea: “Given choices of how to respond to rising water costs for your business, what choices give you the greatest return on investment?” Come learn how your business community and the quality of life in our coastal communities will benefit from the choices we can start making now.

Jenny Ross, 118 Degrees118 Degrees

New News!

SBLC has a new home at the Solo Building, sponsored by Chef Jenny Ross of 118 Degrees. Our appetizers will come straight from the 118 Degrees kitchens for your snacking enjoyment with a glass of wine, beer or your favorite non-alcoholic beverage. Just a a block and a half further down Baker, with none of the parking challenges at our former venue.

Speaker Bio: Bridget spent years suffering from constant allergies, fatigue, hives, headaches and stomachaches. With the help of her doctor, she discovered she was sensitive to gluten and dairy resulting in a drastic change in her diet and eating habits.

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Joe Geever

Joe was born and raised in Los Angeles and learned to surf while in elementary school – the start of a lifetime relationship with the coast and ocean. He left high school before graduation and worked as a commercial fisherman during most of his early adulthood.

Later in life Joe quit fishing to finish his formal education, earning a Bachelors Degree in Economics and a Law Degreee – both from the University of Virginia. Joe swears he still plans to go back and get that high school diploma

Since then, Joe has devoted his professional career to the restoration and protection of our coasts and oceans.

Joe’s duties at Surfrider Foundation include assisting the organization’s all-volunteer chapters with legal and policy analysis, as well as development of Surfrider Foundation’s new “Know Your H2O” program.

Joe wants you to know that his reputation for being the worst surfer most people have ever seen – given how long he’s been at it – is unfounded. He knows one guy who is even clumsier on a surfboard than he is.

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